Your Goddess

Start by thanking me, your Indian Goddess for making you this site to enjoy.

You're so pathetic and useless you don't even deserve it.

Why should I give you so much pleasure in reading my words and seeing my body when you have done nothing for me in return?

Your only purpose in life now is to serve, obey, worship and give me every penny you earn.

Do you understand that my worthless slaves?

A poem written by me dedicated to my loyal slaves


You silly boy just sitting there,

With a smile on your face,

And a glare in your stare,

Your life is just worthless,

And your cock is so small,

So thank me again,

For taking your call,

Know that I now own you,

I will call you my bitch,

Every time that you're needed,

You get here real quick,

Or the punishment will be awful,

You`ll leave with no dick,

So do what I say,

Or I`ll turn on you quick,

The message I'm preaching is,

I'm your Queen, Goddess and Mistress.





I'm what you want, need, seek and desire to have in your empty life. The real definition of a fierce and dominating woman. Your place is beneath my stiletto heels and I will make sure you always know who's in charge. I command the room when I enter and my presence will be forever imprinted in your puny brain. You will be engulfed in the sexual energy that oozes from my pores. My beauty will captivate you, making you fall into a trance of submission. I cater to most types of kinks, fetishes, taboos, bdsm and the weird, so don't be afraid to explore your wild side with me.       




  • Natural 32c breasts

  • Jiggly 35" bottom

  • Size 8 knickers

  • Slender 28" waist

  • Dress size 8uk 



  • Size 5 UK shoe

  • Soft & delicate feet

  • Painted natural toes

  • Favorite styles: ankle boots, knee high boots & strappy stilettos


  • Long painted nails

  • Soft hands & firm spank

  • Muscular 20" thighs

  • Firm 12.5" calves

  • Petite 9.5" biceps



  • Dark brown eyes

  • Defined cheekbones

  • Oval shape baby face

  • Fully juicy lips, red lipstick is my favorite

  • Long wavy brunette hair. A variety of wigs available